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Horror Movies

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) DvD_Rip[English]
Terrible Hell - DvD_Rip[English]
The Horde (2005) DvD_Rip[English]
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) Scam_Rip[English]
INSIDE - DvDRip[English]
Fragile (2005) DvDRip[English]
Komodo (1999) DvDRip[English]
Smiley (2012) DvDRip[English]
Bait (2012) DvDRip[English]
The Barrens (2012) DvDRip[English]
Bloody Parrot (1981) DvDRip[English]
Insane (2010) DvDRip[English]
No Tell ModeL (2012) DvDRip[English]
Lake Placid The Final Chapter (2012) DvDRip[English]
Airborne (2012) DvDRip[English]
Dead Before Dawn (2012) 3D DvDRip[English]
Excision (2012) DvDRip[English]
Red Lights (2012) DvDRip[English]
Barricade (2012) DvDRip[English]
Faces of Death (1978) DvDRip[English]
Scream 4 (2011) DvDRip[English]
The ForesT (1982) DvDRip[English]
Frankenfish (2004) DvDRip[English]
Anatomy 2 (2003) DvDRip[English]
Anatomy (2000) DvDRip[English]
Silent Hill (2006) DvDRip[English]
Dog Soldiers (2002) DvDRip[English]
Fear City (1984) DvDRip[English]
Chopping Mall (1986) DvDRip[English]
Attack Of The Beast Creatures[English]
Evil Dead 3 Army Of Darkness (1993)[English]
Xtro 2 (1991) DvDRip [EngLish HorroR]
Visiting Hours DvDRip [EngLish HorroR]
Visiting Hours DvDRip [EngLish HorroR]
Hollow Man (2000) DvDRip [EngLish HorroR]
CeLLo (2005) DvDRip [EngLish/Korean HorroR]
THIS HOUSE POSSESSED (1981) DvDRip [EngLish HorroR]
Ek Aur Bhayanak Raat DvDRip [HinDi HorroR]
Dead Snow (2009) DvDRip [EngLish HorroR]
Amityville 2 [EngLish HorroR]
FLU BIRD [EngLish HorroR]
C U At 9 [HinDi HorroR]
The Shuttered Room [EngLish HorroR]
Shutter (2008) [EngLish HorroR]
Fright Night II (1988) [EngLish HorroR]
AATMA (2006) [HinDi HorroR]
Paranormal Activity (2007) [EngLish HorroR]
Paranormal Activity (2010) [EngLish HorroR]
Day of The Dead (2008) [EngLish HorroR]
Naina : one of the top [HinDi HorroR]
Khooni Panja [requested]
Kafan 1990 [requested]
Khoon Ki Pyaasi : The Thirsty Witch [HinDi HorroR]
Ragini MMS (2011) [HinDi HorroR]
Unrated [English HorroR]
Dawn Of The Dead [English HorroR]
The Exocism Of Emily Rose (2005) [English HorroR]
Jennifer's Body (2009) [English HorroR]
13 B (2009) [Hindi HorroR]
Zibahkhana:HELL'S GROUND [EngLish HorroR]
Ghastly (2011) [EngLish HorroR]
Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs [EngLish HorroR]
The Ward (2011) [EngLish HorroR]
Dak Bangla : The Rest House [HinDi HorroR]
Sorority House Massacre [EngLisH HorroR]
See No Evil [EngLisH HorroR]
HeLL BenT [EngLisH HorroR]
Agyaat (2009) [HinDi HorroR]
Darwaaza : The Door [HinDi HorroR]
Amavas Ki Raat : The New Moon Night [HinDi HorroR]
Wolf Creek (2005) [EngLish HorroR]
Bhatakti Tamnna (2012) [Hindi HorroR]
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [English HorroR]
Vengence of the Zombies [English HorroR]
Question Mark Full Movie - ? (2012)*Real StorY* [Hindi HorroR]
The CroW DVDRip [English HorroR]
Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche [Hindi HorroR]
Hai Kaun Woh - Hindi Horror Film
Kabrastan-The Graveyard [Horror]
Maya Ya Maut-Who is She? / Rooh-The Soul / 8PM-A Murder Mystery
Aakhri Cheekh:The Final Scream
Cheekh-The Scream
Shaitan Mantrik
1920 - Horror Movie
Haunted (2011)
Khooni Murda
Khooni Mahal
Mangala Telegu Horror Movie
Mera Saaya(2001) *HoT*
Khooni Mahal-The Deadly Manor
Nadan Ladkiyan Part 1
Nadan Ladkiyan Part 2
Purana Mandir (1984) Part 1
Purana Mandir (1984) Part 2
Yeh Raat Part 1
Yeh Raat Part 2

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